From Architecture to Zoning, Landorr is a full-service development company. We offer a complete suite of services in all of these areas:


Feasibility and Due Diligence

  • Site Sourcing - Analyze Client Requirements; including existing and needed income requirements, tax cost basis and, predevelopment and cost of work to date.

  • Provide Preliminary Zoning Analysis - Evaluate the development potential of the subject property and provide permitted bulk and use recommendations

  • Risk Assessment - Present Development Options with Financial Returns and advice on the best use of the site; include market research data, comparable project, sales and lease forecasts

  • Architecture and Design - Create concepts and building designs specific to the project that comply with zoning and local regulations; Coordinate with designers, engineers, and construction managers.


Finance and Ownership

  • Ownership structure and governance, management and control; participate as require to drafting partnership or joint venture documents

  • Scope of the venture, Business Plan, Scheduling, Detailed Financial Analysis including Tax Planning and Pro-Forma Construction Budget.

  • Source and secure financing -  with banks, institutional investors and wealth management funds to finance the project.

  • Logistics. Coordinate marketing materials and finance broker; participate in terms negotiations, manage attorneys preparing loan documents and agreements.



  • Handle property acquisitions and zoning mergers; including air aights and bonus development rights, special permits and discretionary approvals

  • Implement the scope of the venture during planning, conceptual design, construction and sales / lease phases

  • Coordinate architects, expeditors, zoning attorneys, engineers, contractors, and consultants during the pre-development, development construction and sign-off phases.

  • Oversee owners’ required construction permitting and approval process; facilitate sales office, model unit(s) and marketing.



  • Ensure that Site Safety and Logistic Plan are compliant and the safety of the public, contractors and workers is provided throughout the project.

  • Supervise Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews,  Contracting Plan and Procurement; Bid preparation, Scope of Work, General Conditions and Trade Packages.

  • Construction Estimating and Cost Management;  Project Schedule and Fast Track Construction.  Management of all phases of project through construction phase.

  • Project Commissioning Occupancy Permits and Close-Outs; Ensure 100% completion of project build-out and occupancy to architectural designs through CofO approvals.



  • Coordinates marketing, sales, and leasing consultants.  Customizes the branding and marketing image of each project in line with the ownership’s vision.

  • Includes the input from marketing and sales agents at the initial concept phase and during the design process and fine-tunes the pricing of the product to maximize returns and optimize absorption.

  • Landorr stages and discusses the operation of the project at the early design phase to achieve a low maintenance and operating cost and streamlined facility management. 

  • Coordinate lobbying consultants and public relations firms.