As lifelong building professionals, we’ve often asked ourselves, “Could we create a better way to build buildings?” Could we put together:

  • A Company that makes the experience not only less stressful – but actually enjoyable?

  • A Team without different competing parties all fighting for their piece of the pie?

  • A Process that was completely transparent?

  • An Organization flexible enough to handle your project in its entirety – or allow you to select services a la carte?


The good news is, we have created this ideal paradigm by combining Tribeach, a real estate firm with Transom Builders, a general contractor.  Introducing Landorr, the revolutionary new building company.

Landorr has created a new type of real estate development company. It brings together world-class talents, seamlessly connected under one roof. This team approach provides greater transparency and flexibility for a more positive, trustworthy and affordable experience. Imagine: a one-stop solution to all your development needs!


Our new paradigm provides an unprecedented level of benefits never before offered: